Friday, 24 June 2005

The tool for the job

We're definately on the home straight with the grape top now. I finished knitting the front last night - and the incredibly easy neckline shaping was a dream to knit; it follows the stitch pattern beautifully.
Today I grafted the shoulders together; with my recently-acquired knowledge from Jane Crowfoot's finishing course and my Clover Chibi darning needle with the hooked end it was sew (sorry, bad pun) easy!

How easy is that? VERY!

I'm using my cutting board from my patchworking phase to use as a flat base perched across my knees, and it works like a dream.

So the shoulders are now grafted, and I've worked crab stitch (reverse double crochet) around the neckline. The pattern says to pick up stitches around the armhole, purl 1 row, then cast off. All that for 1 row? I don't think so. I'm going to seam the sides and work the crab stitch around the armholes too. Much quicker, easier, and more consistent I think.

The finishing has been going so well that I've even finished off the edging for Angel, and have pinned it in place ready for slip stitching. OMG, I might even finish that soon too!


scarletprincess said...

Hey there Steph, just wondering.. does the silk from HipKnits always have a moulting quality? It's beautiful, but i'm covered in fluff!
Fi x
See you for knit chat?

ali said...

Wow Steph - your on a roll!!