Wednesday, 15 June 2005

The sky is full of flying goodies!

What an exciting day; not only am I about to send off my first Secret Pal parcel, I also received an email to say my Secret Pal is sending my first parcel today too! Wooo-hoooh! That postie had better watch out that he doesn't get pounced on.. ;-)

I had a wonderful evening last night; for the first time in ages I had the entire evening free of other jobs and could happily knit undisturbed for about 3 hours. Aaahhh, wonderful. :-) I made good progress on my secret project - which I will shortly reveal as I plan to post a picture of it. I'm about halfway up the back and I adore it. It's so addictive as it's a travelling pattern AND variegated yarn - well kind of; I've substituted Rowan All Seasons Cotton in the print shade "Grape" and it's working up a treat. I can't help but stay up way too late with this project - it's always a case of "just one more row..". You know what I mean.

Actually I only kept it a secret to start with as I was rather embarrassed about having bought even more yarn to do this project.. But hey, I'm a knitter, right? That's what we do! Anyway it's only 6 balls of ASC, which I'm buying 2 balls at a time as the very helpful and gracious Rose has put all the same dyelot in layby for me. Thanks Rose. :-)

BTW thanks for all the fab comments you've all left; I *love* to get new comments. :-) I also get them emailed to me with the intention of replying to them, but the emails nearly always have an anonymous address so I can't reply. Does anyone know how I can get round this? Do I have to block anonymous comments? I wasn't sure as the comment always links to the commenters profile and so on to their blog, but then I have to reply by leaving a comment on their blog. Hmmm, it's a puzzle.

Better go now. Hopefully I'll return with pics later.. :-)


Tracy said...

It's mainly because you need an account with Blogger to leave a comment that would let you email back directly. I had one as I used to use it myself and kept it when I went with Typepad. At least that's the way I think it works, maybe someone else knows better!

noricum said...

I think it also depends how they have their blogger preferences set... there's a checkbox for "show my e-mail address", and I think if you don't have that checked, it hides your e-mail everywhere. That's my hypothesis anyway... I've seen a bunch of people with blogger accounts where I still get "anonymous blogger" as the from address. (It gives the name, but not the e-mail.)

dawn said...

I can't help you, I'm afraid, as I'm with typepad.
Maybe you could get rid of the anonymous check box? mind you, the default seems to be blogger, and I have to click other so the commenters are clicking anonymous. It might be to avoid spam?
also, I see htat there is nowhere for email addresses - just name and web page!