Thursday, 16 June 2005

Time to reveal the secret

OK, it's time for you to see the secret project. Remember I spotted a few projects I liked in the latest issue of Sandra magazine? One of them was this one which I said at the time looked like a quick project - well it is! Just 5 days after starting (ok the second time around!) the back is finished:

Halfway there!

I love this top. It's a really addictive pattern, and works up very quickly in the substituted Rowan All Seasons Cotton - which I got gauge with first time. :-) The front is now started, so watch this space for a FO soon..

A few days ago I was given (yes, for free!) 3 older Vogue Knitting hardback books that the lovely
Jen was clearing out - thanks Jen! I've had a quick look through the "Vogue Knitting Vintage Collection" and spotted this which is definately on my To-Do list:

Neat scarf

It's just so neat! I love the beaded corners too. That's it for now; back to that knitting..


dawn said...

Love the top, and the scarf! There is a similar one in the vogue on the go scarves book (minus the beads).

noricum said...

Oooo... I think I may give that scarf a try some time. :)

Tracy said...

I've got the magazine now! It came last week but I'm refusing to be drawn until I handle what's found it's way into the pile. Have now got my eyes shut and my fingers in my ears and I'm singing loudly lalalala lah

Elayne said...

Classy scarf and your pic' is clear enough to figure the pattern. I must do that one! Great stuff, thanks for sharing.